Better every day

My first meal, flowers from fabulous friends and a Bari Bear from my surgeon which totally made my hospital stay!
Hi all. I'm happy to say that recovery is going really well. So well that I had to call the dietician to make sure it was okay that I was drinking a little more than than they thought I would. I still like all my protein shakes, diluted apple juice and popsicles are a total treat. Not a single second of nausea -  my new stomach lets me know I've had enough when it feels like big burp building up.

My incisions are so tiny and they are definitely starting to heal because they are tight and itchy.

I thought this would be so much harder but it's not. What's hard is sitting still and not exercising. I walked to the end of the street yesterday and hope to go a little farther today though it's freezing out. Anything that tenses up my abs is tiring but again getting better every day.

I'm definitely ready for some soft food since this is my 3rd week of liquids. The thought of the egg I can eat on Wednesday makes me able to get through this final week. My sister has made me some homemade miso soup which I'm looking forward to for "dinner" tonight. Not too much longer to go.

Going out for the first time tomorrow for a support group. Crys has so nicely offered to go way out of her way to get me there. This is a great group full extremely successful people and a few athletes. It's wonderful to have so much support from them and I've made a few great friends in the process.

I will be weighing in on Fridays in an attempt to not let the scale rule my life. Today I was excatly the same as I was the day I went into the hospital - 238. That means I'm finally got rid of about 6 pounds of fluid they pumped into me in the hospital. That also means I'm already 12 pounds lighter than the day I first saw the surgeon. My trainer will also be doing my measurements once a month which will hopefully get me through the plateaus.

Thank you so much for all the well wishes! It really helps!!!