Monday mix tape - FAQ edition

How are you feeling?
Here I am less than a week after my surgery and I feel AWESOME. I owe that to my amazing surgeon and his staff as well as my incredible support system here at home.

I'm back to work (well right after this post anyway). Luckily back to work for me means sitting at my desk vs. sitting on the couch. If I had to go to an office I'm sure I would have at least taken a few more days off.

I've been taking my pain meds only before bed and getting a good 12 hours sleep. Every day I wake up excited because I feel so remarkably better.

What are you doing and when can you exercise?

Anyone who knows me knows the hardest part of this has been sitting still. I walked the first day home to end of the street which was less than 1/4 mile round trip. Yesterday we made it just over a mile. I will gradually increase my walking distance every day until I can add my other activities back in - probably at the 6 week mark.

I never thought I'd ever have anyone tell me to cut back on my cardio but my surgeon wants me walking at around 130 bpm heart rate along with yoga and weightlifting. Spin will be limited to once a week. When I hit my goal weight (more on that later) I can run and spin and do whatever I want but during this massive weight loss phase, burning fat vs. muscle is key.

What are you eating?
Right now I'm still on clear liquids. That includes protein shakes. Nothing tastes bad and I'm able to get it all in. No nausea or pain whatsoever. When I'm getting full my nose runs and it feels like I need to burp. I hear horror stories about people not being able to eat anything at all or being nauseous all the time. I can't imagine!

If I can eat a scrambled egg on Wednesday morning before my 1 week follow up I can move on to soft foods. I cannot wait for that egg. Yes, I'm hungry but I think that's natural for someone who hasn't had anything but liquids in 3 weeks.

Any regrets?
I've had a few "wtf have I done" moments but they were fleeting and mostly during some obscene food commercial. Luckily I'm not laying around watching TV as much anymore! I'll never understand why Superbowl is such a junk food extravaganza!?!?

How much have you lost?
15 pounds in 3 weeks!