First Friday weigh in

Happy Friday!

I'm thrilled to say that I'm about 97% back to normal and 19 pounds lighter! I was 250 pounds on the first day of my liquid diet and I weighed in this morning at 231. That's about a size already and I even had to move my car seat up an inch.

Oh and just because I post my weight on Fridays doesn't mean I don't peek at the scale during the's a horrible habit and I must stop.

Wednesday I had my one week post-op visit with my amazing surgeon (Dr. McDreamy as he's known around here) who was thrilled with my progress and moved me on to soft foods! Hooray!!

Shelley you might remember these little fiesta dishes which are now the perfect size for me :)
Never in my life has a scrambled egg tasted so good. I ate about half and was absolutely stuffed. Suddenly life is full of options again!! I made 4 oz of chicken salad with greek yogurt and have eaten that for 3 days. Last night was an ounce of pork in the food processor and an ounce of mashed potatoes. It was like Thanksgiving. A couple tablespoons of sweet potato or 3 ounces of cottage cheese is heavenly! I knew I would be limited to a certain amount of food by the nature of the surgery but I never expected the fully satisfied feeling.

Walking has been interesting. I'm not used to moving so slow and I kinda feel like the crazy guy (it's not his fault he's crazy he got hit by a bus) in the neighborhood who just walks around aimlessly jamming out to his iPod. The upside is I see more interesting things in the neighborhood when I'm walking vs running where I'm only focused on trying not to die :) I've helped old ladies, rescued dogs that got loose, criticized many landscape designs and said hi to many random strangers. Today I did 2.5 miles and once we do another 1.5 with the dogs this evening it will be 4 miles. I'm good with that and will keep increasing my distance - especially on the weekend. I also intend to get back in the pool next week to mix it up. I miss my yoga and my trainer but I will be back the minute I'm allowed!

Have a great weekend everyone. I'll be over here putting all kinds of things in the food processor.