Monday mix tape

Saturday - Tales from the Y 
(This could become a weekly column unless I quit going there which I want to do every time I go.)
Saturday was a busy day involving a trip out of town for a film festival. I had a huge blister from walking 4 miles on Friday and I had a toe issue from not getting a pedicure for over a month so there was no way I was going to be able to do a big walk. Being the no-excuses workout chick I have become, I decided to go to the pool when it opened in the vain hope of it not being busy. I got showered and in a lane before anyone else and then the guy I now call "big fat water walker" walked in along with his other "pool buddies". He was loud and obnoxious and made a point to yell "sorry John you missed out on your favorite lane today" and "shoulda got here earlier huh?" And then we did this another dozen times during my workout.  He walked. In a lane. Slow as dirt. Talking. I got about 30 minutes in then left.

I love swimming so much. I wish I could find a pool where nobody else went. Or at least lane sharing wasn't allowed.

Sunday - more toe issue
Sunday I couldn't do anything. Could barely walk. If I had gotten a pedicure this wouldn't be a problem and I was seriously mad at myself about it but I did have surgery and couldn't drive for a while etc. etc. This was the first day since I left the hospital where I got no exercise. I also got a really bad nights sleep because of it. Seriously hurt that much. 

Monday - relief!
God bless the older, very zen Vietnamese woman at the nail salon. I called this morning, got in right away and she said "I fix you." And she did. And it only hurt a little. I swore to her that I will never go more than two weeks without a pedicure. I am completely cured and the bonus is my feet look great. I wouldn't have got my signature "Chick Flick Cherry" OPI color if I had gone to the podiatrist :)

I can't wait to get out and walk again today!

Quickie surgery update
I'm still feeling ridiculously awesome. Have tried a few new foods and nothing has caused any problems. It's hard to explain but some things just work and some things just don't work. If it doesn't work it doesn't make me sick at all - it just kind of sits there.

So far my new stomach loves:
ground chicken
ground pork
greek yogurt
sweet potato
mashed potato
vegetarian refried beans

My new stomach does not like:
pot roast
water on an empty stomach

As you can see most things have been really sucessful. I'm still amazed at how great everything tastes. I can't decide if that's from surgery or just because I haven't eaten anything in so long :)

Have a happy, healthy week everyone!