Friday weigh in

Not so exciting this week kids. We might have to plan a non-scale activity for this particular Friday every month. Because boys read my blog, we're not going to talk about periods.

Here are the stats:
Jan 14 - Start of liquid diet - 250
Jan 29 - Surgery weight - 237
Feb 8 - 231
Feb 15 - 222
Feb 22 - 220

2 pounds lost this week. 30 pounds total. I will totally take that - especially on a week where I normally gain 5.  I'm super close to the two-teens which is the lowest I've ever gotten on this blog.

Some non-scale victories to share:
  • I have logged into My Fitness Pal and and tracked every single thing I've eaten for the last 15 days in a row
  • I have at least a dozen pair of pants to get rid of
  • Suddenly I can walk swinging my arms freely at my side instead of them hitting side fat
  • I have walked an hour every single day this week -through cold weather, rain, cramps and all my other usual excuses
  • I have zero cravings, drinking a ton of water and feel constantly satisfied.
  • I have not had alcohol in (or a cupcake) 5 weeks
  • My new stomach doesn't love coffee so I've become a tea drinker. English breakfast in the morning, green in the afternoon. It's rather civilized :)
Next Thursday is my one month follow up already! I'm planning on posting some progress pictures, measurements and maybe even another video post.

Have a great weekend everyone!