Monday Mix Tape

Weekend Wrap Up
Anyone else have a strangely short weekend?!?

Saturday the weather was gross and I woke up with a new injury - sciatic nerve? Ouch! I was totally out for the day. Laying on the couch watching 18 hours of HGTV. It was fine when I was laying down, fine when I was standing up but anything in between was so painful it made me dizzy! I did some research, some hot and cold therapy and I will eventually see the chiropractor - once I clear that with the surgeon. Apparently my weakened abs and lots of walking are the cause and it can be fixed.

I have to admit, I was in a little bit of a bad mood because I couldn't sit around and eat all day. I've decided I'm going to apply a little yoga thought process when things like that come up - recognizing it, acknowledging it and moving on. 

The day ended with a devastating and horrible tragedy on my recorded season finale Downton Abbey. I'm completely obsessed with that show. Hey, at least it's on PBS and not trashy!

Sunday was suddenly spring! I got out of bed slowly hoping the dose of liquid Lortab I had before bed had rid me of the pain - it was still there but much better. I was ready for my first trip back to yoga! I took the restorative class which was super easy and it felt GREAT. The best part? This was the first time I could really tell how much of a difference 30 pounds makes. I can lay on my back and bring my knees to my chest without the giant inner tube around my belly. There's still plenty there but what a huge difference.

Because that class probably burned less calories than I would have burned doing projects at home, I set out for a walk after a quick lunch. Our little village here on the East side is very walkable and totally explodes when then weather gets nice. Everyone is walking, biking and filling up all the patios at restaurants and bars, eating and drinking. I did 4 miles taking in all the sights and smells - cupcakes, beer, burgers, doughnuts, pizza. It really didn't bother me - I felt strong and I felt proud. I saw a few people I know and already people are freaking out when they see me. It's pretty sweet.

This seems to be and extended track on this weeks mix tape but I'll end it by saying I couldn't find my cart at the grocery store because it's unrecognizable as mine. If it weren't for the blue cans of Heinz beans from the British section, I might not have found it.

Tales from the Gym
Spring lasted one day and it's back to the indoors today. Because I still have 3 gym memberships (this is an issue that needs to be dealt with) I chose to go to the CleanCloseCheapGym. I couldn't face another hour walking on the treadmill so I decided 45 minutes on the elliptical might be good for the old sciatic nerve. It was a good workout - boring but at least house hunters was on and it was close captioned so I could still listen to music. It was great until the parking lot.

Wedged up next to my car is a giant banged up maroon Tahoe sized thing. My side mirror was touching it. In it, a large woman stuffing her face with fries. She was backed in so I was looking straight at her and there was no way I could get in my car. She was not acknowledging me at all but finally got her to roll her window down. I told her to move - she was way over the line and I couldn't get into my car. She looks and says "yes you can" I say in return, "I just had abdominal surgery and can't move like that to get in". What does she do?? She shrugs her shoulders and ROLLS THE WINDOW BACK UP. (I swear I'm not making this $#!+ up people). I should have called the cops but instead I got in the other side of my car, slid across (because I'm skinnier now, so there you big fat french fry eater), flipped her off and drove away.

I love how I solve one problem with my total yogi mindset and the other with sheer ridiculousness. That my friends is the beauty of me :)

Settling in
I feel like I'm finally back to a routine that's as normal as it gets around here. Most of the time I feel like I never had surgery except during a meal of course or if I take a sip of water that's too big. I'm cooking more than ever - which has benefited my husband as well. He's down 10 pounds! Mostly from portion control and not eating out. I feel great when we cook a full week of healthy meals that both of us can enjoy. We have so much left over these days that his lunches are always taken care of and sometimes the neighbors even get fed!

If you lived through this one and care for more, I will be doing my one month update on Friday. I see the surgeon on Thursday and I'm hoping to end my current stall before then. I will also be seeing my trainer and getting my measurements done so stay tuned!

Have a happy, healthy week everyone!