Bittersweet NSV

Today, as I was getting ready for my first post-surgery training session, it suddenly hit me how easy it was to put my shoes on. Now that's a great non-scale victory!

At the same time, it made me really sad that it was ever hard to put my shoes on. I used to sit on the ottoman at the end of the bed - kinda sideways. Then had to change positions to put the other shoe on.

It makes me realize how much the weight can creep up on you. You gradually buy bigger pants. You start to move differently to accommodate for extra pounds. You blame the dryer for your clothes shrinking or your aging for the aches and pains. It's subtle but it's happening and suddenly your whole life is affected by your weight. I realized that I've been accepting all along something that's completely unacceptable to me. Being able to bend over is not optional. I just isn't.

Y'all know I have the worlds best yoga teacher and she said something that's always stuck with me which was "We all have a choice as to how much we want to be able to move in our 40s 50s 60s and beyond." She's totally right.

God willing, I will never again struggle to put on my shoes.