Monday Mix Tape

Weekend Wrap Up
Another weekend gone in the blink of an eye! It was freezing here and it made for kind of a boring weekend. I'm so ready for spring and my garden and our neighborhood deck parties!

Saturday I had my trainers class followed by one of my monthly support groups. I was quite pleased with myself for making it to my class before having to drive to the burbs. The old me would have skipped it altogether - the new me went to class anyway and just left 15 minutes early all good and sweaty for the group :) It was a small group but a good one and I got to see all the people who are a few months ahead of me and their dramatic changes are so inspiring!!

Sunday morning I went with my sister to the hardest yoga class at our studio. 75 minute Hot Vinyasa. I totally rocked it and was practically in tears at how much easier it was to do all those crazy moves. I will secretly be really happy when the extra 20 or so new years resolutioners that are still hanging on drift away and I don't have to be AS close to other peoples feet.

The New Regime
Now that I'm cleared for all exercise, I sat down and made my new workout schedule. This may be totally boring to some and interesting for others. If you plan on robbing my house or stalking me while I'm working out I have two big dogs and a Scottish husband.

Monday: 45 minutes walk; 60 minutes Core and More (that's my trainers class of cardio, weights and pilates and if you live in Atlanta I highly recommend)
Tuesday: 75 minutes Bikram yoga
Wednesday: 45 minute walk; private session with my trainer 60 minutes
Thursday: 75 minutes Hot Core Power Yoga
Friday: 45 minute walk; 60 minutes Core and More
Saturday: 90 minutes Bikram yoga
Sunday: 45 minute walk; 75 minutes Hot Vinyasa

As you can see, every day has something good going on. I don't usually plan a day off because life has a way of taking care of that for me. I've cut back on my cardio per the surgeons suggestion and I'm worried it's not enough/not too much. It's hard to figure out what my new body wants!
Eventually I'll add back in running and spinning. Right now I'm doing everything my surgeon says.

What are you eating?
Seems to be everyone's first question! Still having protein shake for breakfast, usually chicken salad made with greek yogurt for lunch, salmon for dinner is still my favorite. I get a green smoothie in during the day for some veggies. If I have room for a snack it's usually cottage cheese or greek yogurt. I tried a small high fiber tortilla - I made a tiny quesadilla and it went well. I plan on trying half of one with some cheese, sauce and turkey pepperoni for the first taste of anything pizza-like I've had in 6 weeks.

I'm averaging 600-700 calories, 80 grams of protein, 35-40 grams of carbs, 10-15 grams of fat.

I had 2 ounces of red wine last night for the first time in 6 weeks. Again it was fine but not something I'm going to make a huge habit of. Liquid calories (that aren't protein drinks) are the enemy of the vertical sleeve patient.

Never in a million years would I have thought my sugar cravings would disappear but they have. I bought a beautiful carton of strawberries and that's the sweet treat I'm looking forward to?!? I feel like I've been freed from a powerful addiction to sugar, fat and salt. The three amigos. Sometimes I don't even know who I am anymore - in a good way :)

Have a happy, healthy week everyone!