Monday mix tape - rock and roll edition

Weekend wrap up
Apologies for not posting a Friday weigh in this week. I was in Cleveland and frankly it was nice taking the week off from the scale. I came back the same as I left. 199!

We had a total blast on our trip. My husband knows one of the members of the Proclaimers from Scotland so Thursday night we went to see their show at The Beachland Ballroom which is an old Croatian dance hall. Such a great show at such a cool place.

They were such nice guys too and I was so happy to get the chance to have a quick chat with them and get our picture taken.

Friday we spend the day at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - it was freezing and raining so it was a great day to be indoors. It's a fantastic museum and well worth a visit. We walked around for 5 hours and were never bored!

Saturday morning I went to the best spin class of my life at a studio called Psychle. I spun in a completely dark, candle lit room for an hour. The instructors are AMAZING and motivate you with messages about self love and pushing your limits etc. About half way through, the instructor (who I had met the night before and is good friend of our friends we were traveling with) came over and set a candle in front of my bike because I was "totally busting my ass". At the end, I blew out the candle with my friend and made a wish. I saw the pool of sweat around my bike and have never felt more proud to have made such a mess :) It was snowing when we came out of there but as you can see in the photos above, I was still smiling!

Sunday morning we flew home early. WAY too early for all the drinking we did.

The week ahead
I'm happy to be home and back to my routine. It's HARD to eat high protein on the road with no refrigerator. I had way too much alcohol and restaurant food. If it weren't for all the walking and the 500 calorie burn at spin I might have gained some weight back.

I see the surgeon on Friday so I need to work really hard to get in the "safe zone" this week - I want to make sure his scale sees onederland too. I didn't come this far to have shoes and clothes put me back over my goal!

The visit to the surgeon means we will be at the 3 month mark so stay tuned for updated pictures and measurements on Friday!

Have a happy, healthy week!