Monday mix tape

Weekend wrap up
 Another fun weekend here in the ATL (except for the part where I cleaned the basement)!

Saturday was supposed to be my day off after my crazy week of exercise but it was gorgeous out so we ignored the piles of laundry and set out on foot to get some exercise and have some fun.

We walked to the 2 miles to the running store to get me some new kicks after realizing I was running in shoes that got me through the 3-Day and were well past retirement.
I've been a huge fan of the Brooks Adrenaline for years. I just keep updating them with the new model. These are much more fun than they usually are - I'm glad they added some color!

After that we stopped for a beer (half a beer in my case) and then went to the taco place where I ate the insides of a pulled pork taco and a few bites of some shrimp and corn chowder. I thought eating out after surgery would be difficult but it's not at all. I love places that sell single tacos, or small plates. Most pubs now have half pints or I just sip on one shot of tequila (Patrón always!) over ice with some limes.

After lunch the was uphill but believe me we needed it after that :) 5 miles in total and we had so much fun along the way.

Sunday the weather was cold and cloudy. The opposite of Saturday! I was kinda cranky and hungry and exhausted. And I really needed the day off from exercise. Turns out this is a not a great combo for me. I thought about food a lot and wished I could have a big bowl of mac and cheese or pizza. It's totally in my head and I blame it on being born in Minnesota - the second the weather is cold and grey, I want to eat to "survive the winter. So I cleaned the basement and did a lot of really lame chores around the house to keep myself busy. I had a Kashi blueberry waffle which really did the trick. If that's going to be the extent of my "bad days" I'll take it!

My closet, my enemy
I thought for sure that the clothes would be the most fun part of this whole journey and I'm sorry to say that it's not! I didn't really consider the in-between time - that crazy place I am now where nothing I own is wearable - even bras and underwear! Yesterday it almost made me sad how bad I looked in my winter clothes but I just can't bring myself to buy new stuff I'm only going to wear for another week. I'm traveling this weekend and I'm hoping the residents of Cleveland can overlook my baggy butt jeans and my big old winter coat.

The summer clothes are problematic too. I'm certainly not at the sleeveless shirt stage yet outside of yoga - can't someone make something with a sleeve that's not a cap sleeve?!? I found a few 3/4 sleeve tops I'll wear to death for now. At least I can wear my capri pants and jeans which are a short girls saving grace.

One of these days I'm going to have to face bra and swimsuit shopping. Shudder.

Have a happy, healthy week everyone!