Monday mix tape

Weekend wrap up
Not too much to report after a very gray and wet weekend!

Saturday started out really wet so we had to skip the 5k. I had some extra time so I decided to go do some clothes shopping. I had a gift card from lululemon and I freaked out the whole way there -  wondering if I was lululemon size yet. Luckily the manager I know was there so she helped me decide on a few styles and then it was off to the fitting room with 3 pairs of pants - all size 12. They. All. Fit.
I had to pick one since they are $80 but I can promise you when I get to my goal weight I will own at least 6 pair. Size 4 maybe? I kept looking at the bag sitting in my front seat. Finally I can shop there for something other than a head band :)

After that I went to  Nordstrom Rack for the first time for something other than shoes. I've never even glanced at clothes there but sure enough I found a couple of cute tops for an awesome deal. One is a fitted blazer that doesn't quite fit yet but I know that it will - probably right in time for our trip to Scotland in August. Anyway, I have have a whole post started about the clothes thing and the quite surprising emotional toll this is taking on me. I'm going to address it with my support group peeps on Saturday so I hope to finish it before then!

SO it cleared up enough in the late afternoon to do a 5 mile walk. I probably burned more calories doing that than I would have at the 5k- even with a stop for sushi. Right now I can manage about 4 pieces of sushi - 3 sashimi and one nigiri - that way I can have one bite of rice which is just enough.

Sunday we had brunch with friends but I drank a latte before and was so full that I had a single bite of scrambled egg and less than 1/4 chicken sausage. That was a bad idea. I was "hungry" all day. Not even a little bit physically hungry - it was ALL in my head. It was dark, pouring rain, and I was working. The perfect storm. I had a couple of wheat thins and a couple of pop chips (left over dog sitter snacks - note to self: make the dog sitter take all snacks with him next time!) it made me want more!

Now I know that 2 wheat thins and 2 pop chips aren't going to undo everything I've worked so hard for but to me it's a early warning sign. I suppose it's good that I'm recognizing this when it happens - this is only the 2nd time in 3 months and both times it's been gross outside. I need to figure out NOW what do on the gray days to get through it. Normally I could go to a yoga class or something else indoors but there was no getting around work yesterday. As time goes by and I'm able to eat more, it would be great to have a strategies in place for my known triggers.

The week ahead
Running, yoga, spinning, weight training and pilates all on the schedule for this week. I'm loving the variety right now. I need to do my job in the middle of all of this! Staying busy really helps - as I like to say "idle hands eat the devil's snacks":)

Have a happy, healthy week!!