Monday Mix Tape

Weekend wrap up
Another beautiful weekend gone by in a flash! It was packed full of exercise, friends and fun. Did you know that fun can be had without enormous amounts of food and alcohol? I didn't! :)

I started off the weekend off with "Bikram power hour". The traditional class is 90 minutes but the hour one is perfect for a Friday afternoon. I'm so glad I went because I had a huge breakthrough.
This is Dhanurasana or "floor bow". I have always been able to get my right foot but not my left. My instructor would often hand me my other foot or I would just do it on one side. On Friday, I reached back and there it was. I grabbed both feet and did my pose - with a few tears of joy! (Just to be sure it wasn't a fluke, I did it at home the next day!) That my friends is why we are doing this. It's so much more meaningful to me than anything the scale says!

Saturday I took the day off exercise to get the patio and deck ready for the first dinner party of Spring.

new cushions for the furniture
I grilled steaks for everyone even though I'm not eating steak yet.
Lucy would have really liked one.
Late night fire pit. I surround myself with gorgeous women :)
Sunday was even more beautiful so I got up and did this
I have NEVER had such a great run. It wasn't a personal best time or anything - it was so nice out that I had to stop and talk to all the neighbors on the way out which slowed it down but I didn't care. I felt so strong. I conquered all the small hills I would never have even attempted before. I only walked the 2 biggest ones and I couldn't be more proud of that. The little blip of red on the route is a shoe tying stop!

What are you eating?
I can honestly say I had so much fun all weekend without overindulging at all! I tried Sushi on friday and loved it. I had 3 pieces of tuna and salmon sashimi and one piece of nigiri (eel with rice).  I ate a teaspoon of the rice just to try but I can see how it would expand in the stomach and might get uncomfortable. 4 pieces of sushi. I used to get about 15? Our bill was so cheap it was laughable :)

I tried one of those one bite cupcakes from Trader Joes. I should have had half because the whole was way too sweet. Lesson learned. Really don't need sweets at all!

Sunday we had to attend a cookout and it was your typical cookout with burgers, hot dogs and potato salad. At first when I saw all the food I was nervous. Part of me would have loved to eat a big burger and a hot dog but those days are gone. I had a half of a burger without a bun and a tsp. of potato salad and a bite of the birthday cake. Plenty of food and plenty of fun without overdoing anything. There's such a freedom in that.

The week ahead
My trainer is out of town all week and I'm fending for myself. I'm totally dependent on her to get my weightlifting in so this will be a challenge! There will be yoga, spin, body pump and running involved and she would probably want me to add planks, burpees and jump rope. It's hard to kick my own ass but I'm going to try!

Have a happy, healthy week everyone!