Monday Mix Tape

Weekend wrap up
As promised, it rained ALL weekend. Oh wait - the sun did come out long enough for us to clean up the yard and set the outdoor table for a dinner party - then it rained again.

I kept myself busy by going to support group, clothes shopping on Saturday and cooking Cinco de Mayo dinner all day Sunday. This was the first really big meal I've cooked post surgery and boy did I realize what a "taster" I am! I truly didn't realize how much I nibbled while I cooked until my stomach gave me a little warning - nothing painful just the burp feeling I get now when I've eaten enough. Luckily I was cooking a chicken burrito recipe from cooking light so everything I was tasting was good for me. I just had to add it to My Fitness Pal and count it as part of my lunch. It feels so good to be aware!

I was nursing a hamstring injury so I didn't work out Saturday or Sunday. It just felt like the right thing to do. When you are listening to your body, it doesn't always tell you what you want to hear. My husband kept reminding me to practice what I preach - I would have made him take a couple days off if he had an injury! :)

Even more non-scale victories
This morning my hamstring was feeling much better but of course it was still raining so I forced myself to do a treadmill run. It's so boring compared to being outside but there was no way I was going to get my new shoes soaking wet!

I hadn't been on the treadmill in months and had no idea how long or how far to go. Outside I do a 5k route almost every time but am still walking one hill. I pushed the 5k button and off I went with a goal of doing a mile then I would walk a little. As usual, my breathing was off at first, my mind was full of doubts/panic/whatever and I felt like I couldn't even run a minute. Then it evened out and I found my groove. When the mile mark came my mind was done but my body wasn't so we kept going. By mile 2 my hamstring was tight, my mind was fighting me but my body was still going strong so I just though what the hell let's finish this.

And there you have it folks. My first 5k without stopping. 400 calories burned according to my heart rate monitor!
And this is what I looked like after. Proud and soaking wet!

You know what else is awesome? I have tracked everything that has gone in my mouth for the last 90 days on My Fitness Pal. In my opinion, tracking is essential for weight loss - with surgery or without! It's free and it's the easiest thing I've ever done. It's even easier than the Weight Watchers tracker and you have to pay for that! If any of my readers want to find me there my username is tinaatl. I made my diary public so you can see what I eat (and drink). I'm always honest - when I have dark chocolate and tequila I will own that :)

The week ahead
I have a (crazy hilly) 5k on Saturday to get ready for so there will be extra running combined with yoga, my trainer and spin. I'm trying out a new gym and I'm hoping their spin classes are as great as people say they are! Apparently the sun is even going to come out?!

Have a happy, healthy week everyone!