Monday mix tape

Happy Monday y'all. This Monday is a happy one because I just hit the 70 pound mark this morning! Stall be damned! I know this kind of ruins the "surprise" of my Friday weigh in but I just had to shout that from the rooftops so to speak. It just seems like such a huge number. So much more than 60 :) I hope to add another pound or 2 as the week progresses!

Saturday I ran 5.1 miles which what probably caused a few pounds to fall off! The Peachtree is only a month away (worlds largest 10k!) and I usually do a long run every Saturday in June to get ready. Next week I'm going to do the course and get that extra mile in. Running 70 pounds lighter is nothing short of miraculous - it's roughly the weight of a 10 year old that I'm not carrying up those hills anymore. I wonder how I ever ran at all. So far, I'm 20 minutes faster than last year!

Sunday I did the full 90 minutes of Bikram yoga. Again, doing things there I never thought were possible. My instructor said how fun it is to watch me do so much more. It's so gratifying to finally be able to do ALL the poses after practicing for almost 3 years.


In other news, I found out a couple of weeks ago that I made this list of the top 100 inspirational weight loss bloggers along with a few other fabulous blogger friends! I'm totally honored! If you haven't seen the list you should check it out - there are few blogs on there I've never heard of and will be checking out!

Have a happy, healthy week everyone!