Monday mix tape

Hey y'all! I'm happy to report I had a great weekend after my not-so-great week.

Friday (after my zero pounds lost weigh in) I decided I was going to return a top I bought at lululemon and treat myself to a new tank top. Of course I'm never going to make it out of there with just one thing and I couldn't resist these

These pants have 5 pockets! My phone fits in the side pocket, the cord for my headphones is long enough to come up under my shirt, money, ID and MARTA card in the back zipper pocket.

The best part? Size 10?!??!?!
Do not judge me for how much money I spent on these. Focus on the size! :)

Saturday morning I was up at 6am determined to get to the train by 7:15 for my 6.2 mile run back. The weather was SO much better than last week, I made sure to remember my water, I didn't drink (much) the night before and I really worked hard on my attitude.

The train was early so I was at the start and ready to run by 7:30. I even found the nicest public bathroom on the way from the train station to the start which will come in handy over the next couple weeks! I set out feeling great and stayed that way for the entire 6.2. I even ran about 1/4 mile of cardiac hill but had to walk the 2nd 1/4 mile. The rest of the time I ran and ran and ran.  

[Funny story: I was LOVING my new running pants and I kept thinking "people in size 10 lululemon pants can make it up these hills." My $90 pants kept me going. Whatever works right!?!?]

1:32 was my time!! 20 minutes ahead of last years time. It almost seems like a "normal" amount of time for a 10k.

I felt awesome ALL day - plus, I burned 800 calories! We piled the dogs in the car and headed up to North Carolina to visit my mom and step-dad for fathers day. The weather was gorgeous and it was nice to see my girls enjoying the creek.

We spent the night up there and it was a little difficult to control my wine and Rice Krispie Treat intake but luckily I have the sweetest and most supportive mother who made sure I had organic chicken and plenty of fresh fruit and veggies. 

Sunday I took the day off except for a couple of miles of walking. My quads were so sore after powering up those hills the day before and I knew I needed a recovery day. We ended up spending the afternoon in our local bar eating and drinking and watching golf. I ate grilled buffalo chicken so aside from the tequila, I did pretty well.

This morning, I woke up to rain and quickly realized my Monday morning 5k was going to have to be on the treadmill. I wasn't really sore at all anymore except for some tightness in my hips. Again I had an AMAZING run. Dare I say it was easy? I even cranked up the incline and my speed for the last 3/4 mile. I wanted to keep going after I got to 3.1 but I really needed to stop and get some work done. I felt totally unstoppable. Yep, my mojo is back!

Have a happy, healthy week! Thanks for all the support on Fridays post. I thought about every one of your comments as I was out there on the route. I feel so lucky to have so much support!