Monday mix tape

How is it Monday again already!?!? Another exciting weekend and it FLEW by!!

Friday was the big day - Fox 5 was coming to my house to film at noon! I woke up early and spent most of the morning cleaning up the house and myself. Thankfully, my hair stylist was kind enough to squeeze me in for some emergency highlights! I was more nervous than I thought I would be and started sweating the second they arrived.

They set up a little spot in my back yard for the interview - it was a bit of a mess back there after storms but hopefully that won't show up on TV! It was strange being in front of the camera but I think I did okay - I love telling my story and I got more comfortable after talking a while. I wanted to keep my answers short but at the same time I wanted to make sure I said everything I wanted to say.


Beth Galvin is the reporter doing the story - LOVED her! She immediately put me at ease and is the kind of person I would totally hang out with.

After the interview I ran on camera up and down my street. I tried to smile and not sweat too much. SO WEIRD running with a camera in your face. Luckily, I also loved the camera man so it got (a little) less weird as we went along.

After the run we went to my trainer Karen's studio to film us working out together. We did some kicking on the bag, planks, pushups, butt lifts, etc.  - all exercises we thought would look both bad-ass and figure flattering at the same time :) At that point I just gave up on trying not to sweat. People want reality and it doesn't get much more real than me dripping wet - it's how I spend most days. One of the most beautiful girls I know once said "sweat is body fat crying". I try to remind myself of that when I'm feeling miserable!!

They interviewed Karen after our workout which made me all verklempt - Hearing her say such wonderful things about me is as great as all the pounds I've lost! I wish I had taken a few pictures there but we were going on 2 and a half hours and I was about to drop!

The segment will air Monday, July 1st at 5:45 pm. I will post a link here the second it's available!!

What a fabulous day I will NEVER forget. I had to go to yoga to calm down and come back to earth! I dedicated my practice to my father - who art in heaven - and smiled the whole time knowing that he would be so proud of what I've done.

I had to get back to reality quickly because, Saturday was another big training run. In fact it was the "official" training run at 7:30am and I knew there would be a thousand people on the sidewalks so I was determined to get ahead of them and have some space. The alarm went off at 5:30 (this is how you know when you've become a real runner) and I was on the train speeding north by 6:20. I stopped to pee at my favorite Marriott and held the door for two ladies in VERY short skirts and VERY tall shoes stumbling out of the hotel at 6:45 am. Just then someone I knew from my yoga studio was also coming in to use the bathroom so luckily I had someone to laugh about those girls with :)

I was running by 7am and was flying! I felt even better than last week, there was water every mile and it was (dare I say) fun!?!
When I look at this I can't quite believe it. I've never run this fast in my life! The best part? It's only going to get better!!

Sunday I did a full 90 minute super sweaty Bikram class to "stretch out" after Saturday. After all that work over the weekend we had a fun night out and a cocktail or two.
I love my husband and my NEW collar bones!
And then it was Monday. Running every other day is difficult because when I woke up this morning it was time to do it again! I rocked my super hilly Monday morning 5k with a little soreness left over in my quads and sweat dripping from my elbows.

Now that I've written another super-extended Monday mix tape I should probably get back to my real job. Weigh-in this Friday will be 5 months post-surgery so look for updated progress pics and measurements!

Have a happy, healthy week everyone!