Monday mix tape

Another great weekend here in the ATL! I can't get over how awesome life is at the moment. Long may it continue!!!

Friday was the start of the "Tina Tait media blitz" :) The hospital where I had my surgery released my article on their website and social media. I read it over and over and I love it. I'm so honored to be representing their bariatric program and I vow to continue to be a success story! Click here to read the article >

Saturday it was time for the last of my on-course training runs for the race which is THURSDAY already! I was meeting some friends and I was running late already at 5:30am. I skipped breakfast (big mistake) and had only a few sips of coffee (another big mistake) but was running by 7:15. First 3 miles were pretty good. My legs felt heavy and my heart rate was way up and I didn't realize why until my Nike app said "1 mile completed - 11 minutes and 42 seconds". Ummm no wonder I felt worn out. That's WAY too fast for me and I didn't realize how much I was trying to keep up with my friends. I like to settle in at about 13:30 pace these days (which is something I could never have imagined in my past life!). The last 3 miles are the hardest due to the hills and I had already done myself in. I chugged way too much water which made me really nauseous so I walked cardiac hill then ran in spurts the last 3 miles - desperately out of water and getting the chills. Finally we got to the car and went for breakfast. Whew, that was a tough one.

Sunday I got to go back to the W Hotel in Midtown for a roof-top yoga class. There were 75 people in this gorgeous room overlooking the whole city and it was one of the best classes yet! I did wheel pose for the first time ever.
Never could have imagined doing this but I tried it and there it was!

After we got a vodka and lemonade and some pool time. Even better? My amazing and beautiful instructor for the last 3 years Astrid handed me a bag from #lululemon along with a huge hug saying how proud of me she was! She is (rightly so!) an ambassador for them and told them about my journey.

In the bag were the most awesome pants I've been coveting! Lord almighty do I need free pants right now!
and also one of the most awesome cards ever!

LOVE the "Keep on goal crushing". This is SO motivating and I'm feeling more inspired than ever. It chokes me up a bit!!

Because I never got in the water at the W, my husband and I decided to brave the public pool with a hundred million kids just so I could wear my new bathing suit. It's my first tankini (no you're not getting any pictures of me in it) but I will give you a shot from the neck up :)
It was weird and wonderful to wear a bathing suit that wasn't a black one piece for the first time since I was a toddler!

Today started off with a great run - my usual 5k route and my usual pace of 13:30. Glad my training has ended on a high note. I think it's interesting how I had two crappy course runs and two fabulous ones. I think the crappy ones have to happen so we learn what not to do and also to touch base with our egos. 

Tonight is the big night - my story airs tonight on Fox 5 news news at 5. I'm nervous about seeing myself on TV but excited too. I will be with a group of friends in my local bar trying hard not to have more than one drink!!

I will make sure to post the link as soon as it's available. I will also have a race update on Friday along with the weigh in which is already looking pretty good! Happy 4th of July everyone!