Monday mix tape


I almost forgot to blog today - I STILL have my days mixed up because of the holiday! Speaking of the holiday, I will admit that it was difficult not to extend my 4th of July celebrations beyond the 4th. There were food and drinks around every corner. I said no to a few things and was happy with myself for noticing the danger signs.

Friday was my day off after the race but I was right back to a treadmill 5k on a rainy Saturday (rain was the theme of the whole 4th of July weekend). Sunday I skipped Wimbledon brunch to go to 90 minutes of Bikram. These are the choices that I will ALWAYS be faced with and I'm just trying to keep a good balance that will work for me for a lifetime. Ha! Aren't we all?!? 

I'm now officially training for the Thanksgiving Day half marathon here in Atlanta. I wanted to to do Savannah for it's flatness but I have my high school reunion the week before and that's just not going to work. I also feel pretty strongly that my first half should be in my own city - hills and all! I'm ready for a new goal to crush!

Have a happy, healthy week everyone!