Monday mix tape

Another weekend gone by in a blur! 

Friday I had a friend in town and cooked a big dinner for my peeps (seafood paella!) I love cooking for people and it's so much easier to pay attention to what I'm eating when I control what's in it. 

making guacamole!
I also became an official Atlanta Track Club member!  I never thought I would be a member of such a thing but by now I finally feel like a "real runner"!

Imagine my surprise when I checked Facebook and saw this! Y'all know how much I love lululemon and now I feel even better about spending all my money there. I just had to go buy size 8s. I guess it's a good problem to have but shrinking out of expensive pants hurts :)

Saturday, even though I partied a bit late on Friday, I got up and did this!

Never in a million bazillion years would I have thought I could do this without feeling like I was going to die but I enjoyed every minute of it! I only stopped once to cross at a crosswalk and once to fill my bottle at a water fountain. I was unstoppable. I'm going to gradually increase my Saturday long runs and weekday runs (mostly) following the official training schedule I have for the half. Right now I'm really feeling like I can do 13 miles and possibly even enjoy it! :)

Sunday my quads were super sore despite all the stretching so I took the day off even though I really wanted to go to yoga. I just couldn't face 90 minutes of shaking legs. Sometimes you just have to stop for a day to recover. It's hard for me not to put any exercise in My Fitness Pal!! (I'm ridiculously accountable to that thing!)

So that's it! Have a happy, healthy week everyone!!