Monday mix tape - Tuesday edition

Just a quick one this Tuesday that feels like a Monday!

It was a great weekend though I probably ate and drank a bit much! Saturday morning I got a late start and ran 7 hot miles. I almost stopped a few times but kept at it knowing I will probably feel like that a few times on the half marathon. Some lady stopped me and told me I should have a drink of water. I held up my water bottle and just kept running. I hate when strangers tell me what I need though she probably meant well. I was the sweatiest girl at the park no doubt.

Sunday I rested and had NO alcohol!

Monday, I got up at 5:30 and I did this!
This was super fast for me! It was a GREAT race but it was POURING rain. Just as we took off, the first drops fell (which is probably a good thing since I might have stayed in bed if it had been raining when I woke up). I still had a blast and was only bothered by the rain a few times. Luckily my feet weren't wet until about the 4th mile but I would have liked to take my shirt off - we're not ready for sports bra running yet...if ever! I will happily submit this time for the Peachtree next year and get a much better start time! So proud!!
First phase of operation renovation is going on today. This used to be a window in my husband's office and now it's a door! I wanted really awesome modern steel doors that opened up the whole back of the house - then I found out that just the doors are $20,000 so we're going with normal people doors (at least I got the blinds inside the glass kind!). We had to start with this one since the other side of the house is getting torn down and this will be our (and the dogs) only access to the back yard for quite a while. Oh and the deck will be gone too which is a shame since we have a nice new door that opens up on to it :)

Sorry for the short mix tape today but I might not even make it to yoga for the amount of work I still have to do!

Have a happy, healthy week everyone!