Monday mix tape


Dear lord what a busy Monday! I'm SO happy to be busy - being busy will pay for the giant renovation that's just begun!

Just in time for Halloween, my house looks haunted! This is what's left of the back deck. Lots of rotted wood and structural issues that could have been prevented with about $15 worth of flashing when it was built. Now the whole back of the house is being re-built BUT we are getting the always dreamed of addition off the kitchen and dining room. Every (big, expensive) cloud has a sliver lining right? I was quite sad to see it go. Many good times have been had on that deck! I know the new one will be bigger and better but that will be the last thing done and it will be quite a while until we get to that point!

Despite having no deck, it was a gorgeous weekend in the ATL.

Saturday I got up at 5am to run the Run in Defense of Animals. It was a small race and I love races where ALL of the money goes to the charity - not just part of the proceeds. I'm spoiled now because it was at a fancy country club and the facilities were so nice!
Nicest pre-race pee ever!

There were tons of dogs there so my friend and I represented the cat population :)

It was a crazy-hilly course but I finished it in 35 minutes.  I work really hard on my mental stamina when it comes to big hills because I know I will face a lot of them on the half marathon!

Sunday things fell apart a bit. I was going to run 9 miles and had a nagging feeling that I shouldn't because I got a warning from my husband and my neighbor that I need to be careful not to over-train. Sure enough, 3 miles in, my heal was burning so I stopped to stretch and it just got worse. I KNEW I had to stop right then and there. I limped back to the car in tears and you know what my first reaction was? I wanted a doughnut. Such ridiculous thinking - oh sure a doughnut will show that plantar fasciitis.... That is proof that I'm not "cured". I will never be. It is, was and will always be hard. Sure I could have had half a Krispy Kreme and it wouldn't have killed me but that's the kind of thinking that made me 250 pounds and I'm too much of a reasonable person to listen to that sh*t :) Instead I went to 90 minutes of Bikram yoga. I saw my instructor and we talked about balance and not overdoing it and how running is hard on the body and I need to keep practicing yoga to even things out. She's totally right and that made me cry a little more. I limped over to my mat and had one of the best classes of my life. I posted about it on Facebook because I want people to know it's not all rainbows and unicorns over here. This is hard and work it's certainly not going to get easier but I'm convinced I can make the right choice 99% of the time. The other 1% really will not kill me.

I'm nursing my foot. It's all I can do. I just got a cortisone shot 3 months ago and it will be a while before I can get another one - if ever! I have a prescription for orthotics and I'm going to KT tape in the meantime but I probably won't run much this week. I can train with my trainer and do yoga which will keep me going but It's only my first day off and I'm already jealous of people running! I know I will be fine if I can just sit still for a minute! :)

Have a happy, healthy week everyone!