Monday mix tape

Hey all! Welcome to the week! It was over way too quickly as usual.

Saturday was a total washout. The weather was so gross I didn't even use my ticket for the PGA tour. Instead I went to my 90 minute bikram yoga class which ended up being a looooonnnnggg 100 minutes. The teacher was brand new and she went way over time and never used the fans or the dehumidifier. Wowza that was a tough class. Burned almost 600 calories though :)

Sunday was one of those great days where I sprung out of bed at 7:00 so excited to RUN!  I wanted to do my usual golf course route and needed to get through it before the rush of people for the first tee off. The weather was cool, the sun was just coming up and my foot seemed to be in agreement with the rest of my body for once. I managed 5 miles mostly pain free. My plantar fascia was definitely "there" but wasn't screaming at me like last time.

Later on it the day, it was really sore when I went out to do some shopping but I was wearing flip-flops and that was probably not the best idea.

This is what MADE my day.

I knew my 8's were falling off but I just couldn't wrap my head around being a 6 so I had to see for myself. They fit perfect. Just in time for my high school reunion.

I'm really excited to get to the size I'm going to stay and I don't have to buy the cheapest clothes anymore. I was in Nordstrom Rack looking at Joe's jeans and I just can't bring myself to do it when when they will only fit for a month or so.

Now the golfers are gone and it's back to normal - I have my running route back and my new insoles seem to be working. I'm keeping my promise of only running every other day so it's back to yoga tonight to keep it all balanced. Just a little over 9 weeks until Thanksgiving and my half marathon!

Have a happy, healthy week everyone!