"Don't barf at the biscuit"

When I did the Peachtree Road Race in 2014, I had said in an interview on the local news that I was going to run it in under and hour so obviously I HAD to do it! When I got to the Flying Biscuit restaurant (which is literally about a 1/4 mile from the finish) I smelled food and had been running so hard and so fast that I almost had to stop and throw up but I didn't. I said in my head "YOU ARE ALMOST THERE. DO NOT BARF AT THE BISCUIT." I kept going and finished in 59:33. I have thought about that moment so often and use that phrase all the time and that's exactly how I'm going to finish out this year.

Next Thursday I will have a LUMBAR LAMINECTOMY to hopefully rid myself of the herniated disc that has been making my life agony for the entire month of December. It's a pretty standard surgery and I should be able to go home the same day - hopefully running again after 6 weeks.

I'm also getting a new furnace as I write this.

It's been so hard being in pain physically and trying to drag my way through the holidays without my husband. But somehow, I'm still managing to feel grateful that I can have all of this done - especially during the holidays when people want to be off work but instead are working hard to take care of me.

Speaking of taking care of me, The lovely folks at Tempur-Pedic saw my story on the TODAY show and sent me 2 huge super comfy pillows. How cool is that? They are amazing and they will make my recovery that much more enjoyable :)

Soooo just keepin' it together. The darkest days of winter are over and hopefully that means some brighter days ahead for 2017. Happy Holidays everyone and I will keep you updated on the surgery.