10 pounds down. Sounds like a fine time to start a blog.

I've read so many wonderful blogs about weight loss that I'm inspired to write my own. Those of you whose blogs I've read I promise to de-lurk one day.

I'm 5'0 and topped the scales at 261. Since I had already lost 100 pounds at one point in my life (more on that later) I know that exercise is the only thing that will make me lose weight. Period. I can diet and stay the same but have to add the exercise to lose. About 2 months ago in the dead middle of the summer heat with nothing to wear I decided to go to the gym that I pay for every month and never use.

The best thing about my gym is because my husband works at one of the big hospitals in town, they have a wonderful gym which is also for rehabilitation. I've never felt so comfortable in a gym in my life. No-one is there to show off. Everyone is there for a reason. It's so refreshing.

After about a week of lurking outside the door of the pool (I'm such a lurker!) trying to see if the water aerobics class I wanted to try
a. looked like I could stand without drowning due to my 5 footness (check)
b. wasn't full of skinny people in bikinis (check)
c. looked doable for a newbie (check)

I had already bought a really nice, expensive plus size Speedo swimsuit months earlier in hopes of one day getting up the nerve to "dive in". *note: don't ever try water aerobics in a cheap suit. I've seen many ladies pop right out of them.

So I did it. I dove in. I put on my bathing suit and a smile and got in the pool. I immediately made a friend, the class was so butt-kicking awesome, and I haven't stopped going. For 2 WHOLE MONTHS. Now I've lost 10 pounds just from going to the class 2 or 3 days a week and it's time to kick it up a notch as Emeril would say.

I think this blog will be good for me. I need to work through some anxiety and eating issues but I've tried therapy and it does nothing for me. The reason it doesn't is I'm happy. Not happy with my body but happy with everything else in my life. I think that's a great start and now we'll work on this body thing....again!