Monday Mix Tape - Extended version

Happy Monday everyone! Since I left my job, that phrase is no longer an oxymoron. There can be such a thing as a happy Monday! It makes me realize how miserable I was and how badly I was treated. There may even be a shred of self-confidence working its way back to the surface!
I'm sitting here about to get to work, surrounded by the smell of chlorine (after 2 showers) and my muscles are zinging from a 45 minute swim. I feel great!

I have to be on my best behavior this week since I'm starting a week long food and activity journal for the wonderful woman who is going to virtually train me. I have stocked the fridge with lean protein and veggies, I have every meal planned and written on the calendar as well as every workout through Saturday. I'm the picture of perfection! :)

Although I worked a lot, the weekend was great and I finally got to meet our friend Tammy! We had a great lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and if you haven't seen it on her blog, here are the pics!

Tammy is so sweet and funny and a huge support to me. Although we live pretty far apart, I plan on spending a lot more time with this chick!

And finally, it's time I addressed some awards I've received lately!

Thank you to
heather at going from fat to well-rounded (love the name!)
Okay there were like 5 more and I'm a dumbass and just deleted the links I've been saving and can't bring them back. Grrrr. Instead of being mad about it I'll just do what I'm supposed to do and list 1o things that make me happy - it's hard to narrow it down! (no particular order btw)

1. My husband. Every single day I see his sweet face I can't believe how lucky I am.
2. Dogs. The more the better. I've said before if I were to win the lottery I would open the worlds biggest dog-rescue farm.
3. Design. I consider myself blessed to have the ability to create just about anything. Nothing makes me happier than a beautifully executed idea. I love to see a soda can or a logo I designed out in the real world.
4. DIY. I love any project around the house or yard that requires tons of work and getting dirty. I also like to watch all the shows of people DIY stuff while I drink coffee.
5. Coffee. The more expensive the better!
6. Swimming. I love to be in the water. Ocean or pool. I grew up in Sarasota Florida and miss it desperately. One day when I have my successful company that runs itself, I will live there again. Then I will have a pool in my backyard and will share a lane with NO ONE! :)
7. Friends. I don't have a ton of friends like I used to but the ones I have are the best.
8. Music. I'm a complete dork when it comes to music. I still love everything from the 80s and will not miss a Duran Duran concert (once I went 3 out of 5 nights they were here). I sing all the time (only by myself) and its REALLY hard not to sing at the gym with my ipod on.
9. My mom. She is the most amazing, supportive, sweet little mom anyone could have. She lives with my step-dad in the middle of the mountains in North Carolina. I love being only 2 hours away so we can go visit anytime. It always feels like a vacation! 2 out of 2 dogs agree.
10. My blog. I can't believe I've kept this up as long as I have. I'm not a writer by any means and it means so much to me that people continue to read my blog. Even the bloggers who have lost tons of weight and gained hundreds of followers take the time to check in on me. Thank you all!

Whew. Anyone still with me? I'm done now! Time to get work. Have a great week everybody!