still swimming

I have been a bad blogger and a bad blog friend. I just haven't had a second!

After a big struggle, I'm finally falling into my routine of eating right, working out 6 days a week and still managing to work for myself about 10 hours a day. It's been just about a month since I've been religiously working out and while the scale is not showing huge losses, I feel a bazillion times better. The working out is giving me the energy to do the work I need to do to get my business up and running.

Back in the days of working for the man, I always dreamed of working at home with my dogs and being the "superwoman" who could work, and blog, and exercise, and keep an immaculate house. Never did I realize how fast a day can go by. I'll be sitting at the computer and suddenly it's 5:00 and I haven't even showered much less started dinner or laundry or anything else that needs to get done. I think now that I'm on a good schedule, I can try to at least incorporate one household chore per day. I told my husband I was going to make a chore chart like when I was a kid. Actually, that's not a half bad idea :)

I have been entering my calories every day in Spark People and just haven't managed to do the math to update my calorie countdown. I will I promise. I did manage to put up last weeks loss though. Not impressive numbers by any means but I really can feel a difference. Scale can suck it. Hope everyone is having a great week!!