What a difference a day makes

In my 40 years I've come to realize that if you just continue to do good, it comes back to you. I've been doing more good than ever since I have time and I'm seeing some good signs on the work front. I can't make any money yet being on unemployment but I'm setting the wheels in motion for the future and getting some good response.

Now lets apply that attitude to the fat fight. If I continue to work out and eat right, the results will follow. Simple right?

I had that revelation just a few minutes ago and wanted to get that down in my blog for when I have another craptastic day. I can look back and remind myself that it's not about the numbers. I do need to measure myself. I just put that on my to-do list.

I had a 7:15 appt. with my coach and we set up my leg work out. Now that all the machines are set up the nifty little computer system, I can do my routine on my own. He will check on it every couple of weeks and up my repetitions or weight or whatever needs to be done. He agreed on the plan of the weight routines and cardio 3 days a week and swimming (or a cardio class) on 3 other days. I've never had a gym this close or a flexible schedule and I feel like I can really do this.

My husband sent me a text this morning telling me he was proud of me and that I'm inspiring him to keep going. I'm such a lucky girl.