I'm a real runner

Ever since my huge victory over the weekend, my attitude towards running has completely changed. I don't feel like a fat girl trying to run anymore but more like a runner trying REALLY hard to lose some weight. I used to scowl at the people I saw running in the morning as I drove by them on my way to work but now that I'm one of them, I smile. I smile because I'm already done :)

This week has been a little challenging. I ran 2 miles Monday morning and then nothing on Tuesday or Wednesday. I used my "one night a week drinking and eating out treat" on Tuesday. It was a hard decision but it was all my neighbors who are all our best friends and it's so rare we ALL get together. We had Mexican which is all I really need to say about that...

SO, after having skipped yoga, I was too hungover to run Wednesday morning and promised myself I'd do it in the afternoon. I even wore my running clothes to work. We had a group lunch at a pizza place and every single person at the table had pizza. I had a spinach salad with bbq chicken and it was delicious! I don't need no stinkin' pizza. Crazy deadlines all afternoon meant no running. Not even a dog walk.

This morning, I turned it ALL around and destroyed my 5K personal best on the treadmill. By a full 2 minutes. 

This is proof to me that this once a week treat thing is working for my brain. I know I'm done for the week. It's going to be a long weekend but I made my choice. I still have my weekly cupcake to look forward to :)

Weigh in is tomorrow. I'm not expecting anything but you never know!