Monday Mix Tape - Longest Run Ever Edition

Are you dying to find out about my run on Saturday??? My longest EVER??? Well, I totally rocked it. So much so, I'm still high as a kite from it!

I got up at 6:15 with absolutely no problem. I never even tried to talk myself out of it. I was not running with the group so I was calm. More on that later.

I parked my car at the closest train station to what will be the finish line on the 4th. As the train sped northbound to the starting point, I was watching all those miles fly by and I got a little scared. I was leaving my car and had nothing but a debit card, a Marta card and an iPod. Somehow I was going to have to make it back!

My panicky breathing started as I was leaving the train station and walking up the hill to the starting point but I got it under control and set out. The first few blocks were awful. All the sidewalks were torn up for construction and I under-estimated how hard that would be to navigate. I'm a klutz and had to be really slow and really careful. Once I crossed the 1st major intersection, the sidewalks were clear, the breeze was blowing and I was in my groove. I had in my head all the little landmarks I was going to get to before stopping to walk but I never needed to stop. I just kept going and going and going. A guy passed me literally sprinting down the street and gave me a thumbs up (which I totally deserved!)

By the time I got to Cardiac Hill I was about a mile from my car and it was all uphill from there. This hill is famous in this race and it's a killer. I walked it as fast as I could knowing the water stop was halfway up but by the time I was at the top, there was to be no more running for me. My legs were Jello and I really didn't want to break a leg 1/4 mile from my car. I just walked the rest of the way to the car and immediately changed my shirt and drank some water. I was a little nauseous but forced a banana down but otherwise, I felt pretty darn good.

All in all it was 5 miles and my time was 1 hour and 40 minutes. 4 of those were miles running and I'm so proud of myself for that. I have a little over 3 weeks to get ready for the race and to push myself beyond the train station, to the actual finish line, which is still another mile to go.  I would LOVE to finish in under 2 hours - especially as the only friend I know who got in the race will be done in an hour. That's okay he's tall and has a starting time up there with the Nigerians.


I've still been eating really well and I think what has been working is allowing myself one treat meal followed by one cupcake per week (we just got a cupcake bakery in the 'hood). Treat night is usually Friday and this week, I thoroughly enjoyed my half pimento cheeseburger (see I stopped at half!), three beers AND one cupcake. Somehow it works in my head this way because the rest of the weekend, I knew I already had my treat and had to earn the next weeks. I can think about what I want it to be ALL week if I want to :)


The hardest thing about this run on Saturday was having to do it again today even though I treated myself to new running shoes. :)  I took Sunday off but vowed I would run every other day until the 4th so I was at it again this morning. The rain made me move it indoors to the gym so it a wonderfully bouncy, EASY 2 miles. I probably would have done a little more but there just wasn't enough time.


To go along with the longest run ever, this was the longest post ever. If you made it through, thanks and have a great week!!