Monday mix tape - Tuesday edition!

Hey all! Just back/recovering from my trip to Sarasota, Florida for my 25th high school reunion. The only bad thing about growing up in paradise is having to leave it!

It was a great trip - too short for sure but full of laughs and even some much needed relaxation.

I love that I love to run on vacation. I could have easily done 10 but time was precious!

Outfit night one
Outfit night two
date night dinner at our favorite seafood place

A too-short day at Siesta beach

No retouching here - just the beauty of my home town!

Sneaky Tiki's at the Bahi Hut. The recipe is a secret and has been around long before I was born!
I was so proud to be able to go to my reunion feeling better than I ever have in my life. There was a slide show and of course my before and after pictures made it in. Lots of applause and lots of compliments - even from the mean girls.

I came back 3 pounds heavier even though I ran but it was totally worth it to me. I had about 25 mojtos, Doritos for dinner, chocolate and even pancakes but unlike my past life, my vacation ended when we got back and didn't go on another week or two or five. I got right back to to it starting with a 7 mile run on Monday. I was only going to go five but I knew my butt needed a kicking after the long weekend of debauchery!

On a side note, I had to give my halloween candy to the neighbors to hold until Thursday. It was in my house for less than 24 hours and I was OBSESSED with it. At first I was disappointed with myself for not being able to ignore it but I purposely turned it around and felt good about being able to recognize it and move on. If it's as simple as not having it around, I just won't. I promised myself one fun size of my choosing on Halloween and I'm already thinking about what it will be. They don't fix your brain when you have weight loss surgery - that's totally up to you!

Have a happy, healthy week everyone!