Monday mix tape

Hey peeps! It started out really cold here in the ATL - fall is definitely here!

Saturday I had a hair appointment at 10 so I had to get my run in SUPER early. I was out the second it was light outside (7:22 in case you were wondering) I was surprised by a light drizzle but it seemed to be going away. Boy was I wrong. Gradually the rain was getting heavier and I was still just pushing on. By the time I stopped to fill my water bottle I was a mile away from home with 4 more to go and I had to give it up. It was pouring at that point and I was freezing! It was still 7 miles, just not the 10 I set out to do. I really didn't think it was worth pneumonia!

Sunday I went to do some cheering at the Breast Cancer 3-Day since I'm not participating this year. It ended up being a gorgeous day and I thrilled that the walkers didn't have to spend another day in the rain.

This morning I got a super fast 3 miles in. I've started running a little faster on shorter runs to try to burn some more calories. I burn about half of what I used to - which I guess makes sense since I'm almost half of what I was!

This cold weather is invigorating to me but I'm struggling with having not a lot of winter clothes - that would be fun problem IF I weren't trying to save every penny for the renovation so right now I'm just getting things I desperately need. I'm even on my second round of all new underwear!

After cleaning out my closet over the weekend I discovered I had one pair of leggings. That's it. No other pants in my entire closet ft. I will someday buy some amazing designer jeans but for now, Old Navy will do.
Shock and awe in the dressing room

Am I really going to be one of THOSE people that are all like "do you have this in a ZERO?!?" This is really weird to me. The other pair of jeans I bought were a six which seems a little more normal but still so so so so weird.

On my run this morning my pants were literally falling down and I decided it was time to give them up. Now that I've gotten used to pockets in my running pants there is no going back. Nothing else but Lulu would do. Shout out to my peeps at Lululemon Howell Mill. They have been so supportive (ha literally with my tata tamer sports bra!) in my journey and treated me just as well when I was a size 12. They've watched me shrink on down through the sizes and they help make it exciting!
Can't Stop Crop
They are more like pants than crops on me but good for winter. No matter how skinny I will get, I'm afraid my legs will never be long!
More shock and awe in the dressing room...and again, don't judge me on the price of my pants.

So that's about it! I won't be weighing in on Friday since I'll be in Florida but I'll check back in after the reunion which I'm really excited for. There are a few great friends I haven't seen since then - I really can't believe it's been 25 years. We're pretty, we're great we're the class of '88! :)