Thank you all so much for all of your sweet comments. It helps me SO much and I find it funny how I want to do well for you all as much as I want to for myself. I like to have good news to report in my blog but I promised myself in the beginning that I would be totally honest about what's going on in my life. Even the bad days!

So I decided to survey the damage from the chocolate chip cookie disaster by getting on the scale this morning. I weigh 4 pounds more than I did last Friday. Cue the tears again. I was actually trying to convince myself I worked really hard this week but if I was to be really honest with myself, I didn't. Sure, I made a few good decisions but I made some bad ones too. I'm the queen of denial. Must be the 13 years of Catholic school.

Can I just say that if my coworker mentions the fact that she has a half day and is going to her husbands company picnic one more time I'm going to slap her? It's the only sunny day we've had in a million years and I'm stuck here at my desk with the promise of another rainy weekend.

After another morning in tears, I'm listening to BBC World on the way into work and hearing this horrible story about a family fleeing Pakistan that had to leave their son behind because he had polio and couldn't make the journey. They left him with some bread and water and are just hoping that he lives. Kinda puts things into perspective and it gave me the slap in the face I deserved for being a big fat whiner.

I have to keep going and I have to keep up! My husband hit normal BMI the other day and has been running a LOT. I'm so happy for him but I don't want to be left behind. I'm packed and ready for butt kicking night at the gym which will be 30-40 minutes on the treadmill and then my water aerobics class. I'm making a promise to myself to do 6-7 days of gym workouts instead of the 2-3 I've been doing. I was counting my 20 minute dog walk in the morning as a workout and that is mostly spent letting the dogs sniff around and pee on everything. So, it's either work out more or develop a cocaine habit which is probably way more expensive than a trainer, not to mention dangerous and illegal :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend and that it's sunny where you live! I will be going to our new farmers market, a garden festival, and to see Star Trek. I heart Simon Pegg!!!